Paula Huber founded Cherry Blossom Funerals because she feels passionately that everyone deserves a respectful and meaningful funeral that reflects the person who has died.

Paula is a genuinely caring person, a qualified Counsellor, with an authentic and down to earth approach to listening to the needs of the individual to help create a personalised funeral.

Paula Huber, Owner & Funeral Director

Paula Huber, Owner & Funeral Director

We don’t make judgments, we have a person-centred approach as we care about the person, the families and friends, and we like to understand what your loved one was like in life so that we can help you to reflect this in their funeral.

Funerals are about family and friends coming together, celebrating memories and the lives of the people we love.  

Full support and guidance is provided throughout the whole process.  We prefer to listen, to support and to guide you throughout the process, allowing you the time and space to think.

The team here at Cherry Blossom Funerals have developed a set of values that underpins the culture of our organisation, everything we do, how we operate and how we behave towards others around us. These are at the heart of our business.


Treat others as you would wish to be treated

Be honest and consistent in your approach 

Show dignity and respect for all those in our care

Keep your promises whilst managing expectations


Take pride in the service Cherry Blossom Funerals provides

Work hard and be committed to continuous learning

Have the confidence to try things differently

Take care and be thoughtful of the environment that we work in 


Be the best version of you

Be evangelical about our services

Inspire others 

Be supportive, trusting and trustworthy


Show confidence in yourself and others

Choose to be positive in your actions

Be who you are and accept others for who they are 

Believe in yourself

For help with arranging a funeral, please call us on 01942 409 403. If you would prefer, you can send an email to paula@cherryblossomfunerals.co.uk