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A baby or child

Any death is a tragic loss of life, but the loss of a child is so much more difficult to bear, it is heart breaking in any circumstance. It's a very confusing time for family members to come to terms with let alone think about how to arrange their funeral. 

We take the time to try to understand how you may be feeling, we know there are unanswerable questions and the hole it leaves in your heart.  Cherry Blossom can provide support to help you arrange something that is befitting of your loved one's young and precious life.  Although darkened by sadness, your child would have brought you feelings of love and joy and perhaps this is what you would like reflecting in the funeral, to celebrate those feelings of love.

Cherry Blossom Funerals do not charge for a Child's funeral up to the age of 16 years. This will be based on the cost of a Cherry Blossom Cremation or Cherry Blossom Burial. However if you would like other options please be aware that you may incur additional costs which we are happy to work through with you and explain in full detail.

For help with arranging a funeral, please call us on 01942 409 403. If you would prefer, you can send an email to paula@cherryblossomfunerals.co.uk