A funeral can be an opportunity for a life celebration and not necessarily the sombre affair that is often associated with death and funerals. There are many ways to express your love and the wishes of your loved one. Here are a few ideas...



Keeping it simple with a Cherry Blossom Simple Cremation means we will make the arrangements for the cremation with no family or friends present. This takes the pressure off by allowing you to take some time to arrange a celebratory service at a later date that works for you, and is befitting of your loved one. A crematorium or a religious setting isn't for everyone.



Perhaps your loved one enjoyed spending time at the seaside and would rather their ashes were scattered near the ocean with family and friends saying goodbye with an open air picnic. 

Maybe they loved wildlife and the great outdoors and would prefer a woodland burial (a full burial or ashes internment). See below for more information.

If they enjoyed a good old knees up in their local pub, having family and friends toast with their favourite tipple following a traditional funeral might be the perfect goodbye. 

For some, a simple, personal and intimate graveside funeral with close family and friends may be the ideal send off. 

We're always happy to help make a funeral as meaningful and memorable as you would like it to be. Feel free to call or visit us to chat about your ideas.



There are an increasing number of woodland or natural burial grounds (green funerals) as more and more people want to have a minimal impact on the environment when they die.

People from all walks of life choose a natural burial, it may be that your loved had an emotional connection to an area, or they may have enjoyed walks with their dog or watching wildlife and appreciating the trees and flowers that grow there.  Woodlands are a wonderful way of serving as a living memory.

The nearest one to us here in Orrell is GreenAcres in Rainford. For more information, please visit:

Approximately 20 minutes' drive away is this beautiful burial site is set in 65 acres of mature tranquil woodland surrounding a modern spacious ceremonial building.  This is a stunning setting to remember your loved ones, with various plots available within the woodland itself, beside a pond or within the orchard.  

Being located here in Wigan means we have excellent access to several local woodland burial sites and we are more than happy to support you if this is your preferred choice.



A funeral should be personal and reflect the person's life and their personality. We are getting more familiar with people wearing bright colours or favourite football team colours, but how about some other ideas, which may not cost much more money or cost nothing additional at all, such as:

Personalise the coffin...

A plain/white cardboard coffin with messages of love hand drawn by family and friends before the funeral, this can sometimes be a good way to help children to say goodbye in their own way too through crayons and pictures.  We can take photographs of the finished coffin for you to keep.

Happy memories...

Spending a quiet intimate hour in our funeral home with your loved one before leaving the cremation to us (a Simple Cherry Blossom Cremation). Have tea and biscuits while looking through old photographs, talking about happy memories with their favourite music playing in the background.

Bring the family dog...

Bring the family dog along to a graveside funeral with your family and friends, after all they are part of the family too.

One last ride...

Hire a motorcycle hearse for the one who loved the freedom of being on their motorbike and ask all their motorbike friends to ride behind the hearse. If your loved one was part of a biking club, an organised ride may be something they could arrange. 

Family car...

Do you have a family vehicle, a large estate car or a transporter that you spent many family holidays travelling in – why not decorate it with flowers and use it as the hearse.

Happy camper...

Hire a campervan hearse for those who loved the outdoors, camping or glamping!

Raise a glass...

Instead of playing music or hymns in the crematorium, why not pop open a bottle of champagne and share a toast to your loved one while family and friends take turns in saying a few words. You could even have a brass band playing at the party afterwards.

Get on your bike...

Organise a cycle ride or memory walk. It doesn't have to be for a particular charity and it could finish with tea and homemade cake or a pint of Guinness and a picnic.

Carry the coffin...

Having the coffin carried by men in black suits not for you? Why not have family and/or friends, male and female, even children can assist if that's important to you. We can talk you through your options.



Whether you are arranging a funeral for a loved one or planning for yourself for when the time comes, however you want to say your fond farewell, call or visit us to talk about your thoughts and ideas. We may not always be able to achieve all of your ideas but we will do our very best.

For help with arranging a funeral, please call us on 01942 409 403. If you would prefer, you can send an email to