At Cherry Blossom Funerals we like to make arranging a funeral as stress-free as possible. We have created a range of packages providing different options with clear pricing information so you can create the perfect, affordable funeral for your loved one.



For those who want a simple affair and separate the cremation from a memorial or an alternative celebratory service that can be held at a later date. No family or friends are present at the Cremation.

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CREMATION from £1,850

Designed for those looking for a professional yet relaxed alternative to the traditional funeral. If you don’t feel the need for a black hearse or you don't relate to undertakers dressed in black, this package allows for that flexibility.

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BURIAL from £1,850

Not everyone who wishes to be buried can relate to a traditional funeral.  You may not want a black hearse or undertakers dressed formally in black and so this package is designed for those who want a professional alternative that is uncomplicated yet still personal.

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There are many people who wish to have a traditional burial or cremation, with a black hearse and the formal entourage.  A traditional black hearse with one following limousine is provided with this professional funeral package.

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With patience and care we are here to help you create a funeral that reflects the feelings of love you have for your baby or child.

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For help with arranging a funeral, please call us on 01942 409 403. If you would prefer, you can send an email to 

"Paula, through our very difficult time with the loss of my little Brother, Son/Uncle/Grandad, ‘we’ can’t thank you enough.  You have given and shown compassion, support, guidance, comfort and attentive in all ways.  This has been appreciated so much and meaningful on behalf of my family but most of all our loved one."

Newton Family, Orrell